Is anal bleaching for real?


Contrary to popular beliefs, the practice of anal bleaching isn’t as rare as you’d think and has become rather commonplace. If you’re concerned that the area around your anus is too dark and doesn’t match the rest of your flesh, you may find that bleaching is a viable option. If you’re looking to increase your confidence in intimate situations and you are tempted to undergo such a procedure, you’ll have two options; you can visit a beauty salon, which specializes in such procedures or you can try a home treatment.

What happens during a routine procedure?

Should you visit a salon, a beauty therapist will wax the area around your anus to ensure that the product applied is absorbed into your skin. Next, you can expect your therapist to exfoliate the same area. Exfoliating your skin will help your skin absorb the bleaching cream at an accelerated rate. Once your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, your beauty therapist will apply a specially formulated bleaching cream to the area that you’d like to be lightened. After just twenty minutes, you should see that your skin is already 2-3 shades lighter than it was when you first walked into the salon.

How does anal bleaching work?

Generally, bleaching products work by stopping and stripping your skin’s old cells – cells which are rich with melanin, which you may recognize as color pigmentation. When your skin is bleached, your body creates brand new skin cells which contain a smaller percentage of melanin. As a result, the area of skin which you’ve bleached will appear both lighter and brighter.

Can you bleach your anus at home?

If you feel embarrassed about the notion of getting your anus bleached in a salon, you may want to consider purchasing an intimate bleaching kit. Most kits will require to apply lotion to your anus twice a day, once in the morning and a second time, in the evening or before you go to sleep. Make sure to rub the lotion into your skin so that there’s no excess lotion left on your skin. Simply continue using this process each day until your satisfied with the color of your anus. Just remember to read the instructions on your kit carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

hgdhgd6gh4Is anal bleaching for real? Yes, whilst it may have entered mainstream culture after porn stars began to undergo anal bleaching, it is now a relatively safe, mainstream procedure. If you’re curious, it’s well worth booking your first session as you should see instant results. CheckĀ for effective in-home anal bleaching techniques.