Tips For A Good Back Massage

Back massage makes one feel rejuvenated, loose and relaxed. Professional training is required if one needs to perform an advanced and therapeutic back massage. These are some essential basic techniques that can help you give a great massage.

Massage The Muscle

Don’t massage the bones or try to caress the skin.It is a commonly made mistake that is done by fdhdfhfdbeginners. You can run the risk of tickling the person you are massaging if you caress their skin and that is not effective.

Concentrate on the muscle when doing a massage. Press and move your hands gently and firmly on the muscle group you are working on. It is the only way to get a person to loosen up the muscles or de-stress the muscles in their body.

An Appropriate And Comfortable Location

It is significant to choose a suitable location for use in doing the massage. It is best to use a massage table to access anyone’s back. The structure of the table must be well-built to provide a proper alignment for the spine and also for comfort. You can look for a different alternative if you do not have massage table like your bed.

Massage Oil

dfegfegYou should begin with pouring a teaspoon of oil on your palms. Before applying it to a person, it is advisable to rub it in between your hands. Coconut oil, grape oil, jojoba oil and almond are some of the healthy oils available for use.

Light friction is the technique used in spreading the oil around the back. You can use strokes or gliding movements. Start the massage using your whole hands and move upwards.

Petrissage Technique

This technique needs one to apply more pressure as compared to light friction technique. You can use kneading while pressing technique to enhance a deeper level of circulation. In this method, you can use your palm, fingertips, and knuckles. Use this method to do the back massage too.

Muscle Lifting Technique

You can also use this technique; it is done by holding out the thumb and closing your fingers to perform the massage. The muscle lifting technique involves moving your hands in an alternate manner, like a windshield wiper

It is a science and art in itself, to give a good back massage. Massage is something you need to do slowly without having to rush. You need good quality massage oil to move your hands over the person you are massaging.